Care Management

Our care management services were developed around three primary concepts – adaptive, wellness and restorative care planning. These concepts are necessary for our clients to remain independent and self-sufficient in their own home. We evaluate the “whole person” including activities of daily living, emotional status, chronic health conditions and focusing on restoring clients to the highest level of functionality. Our program is designed to provide guidance and support but listening to the client is our most important first step in developing a plan.

Care Management Care givers

Complimentary home visit

A complimentary home visit is provided by our Care Managers who will assist in assessing the clients’ needs and making it possible for them to stay long term in their own home. The Care Manager will help clients by recommending ideas pertaining to nutrition, everyday activities, safety in the home and much more. Frequent supervisory visits are made at no extra cost, to assess the client and evaluate overall satisfaction.

Adaptive care planning

Many clients are faced with a complex array of challenges relating to their new or advancing condition(s). We provide them with the assistance needed to reestablish stable home routines. We understand their disease process and, if needed, will assist them with their individualized medical support services, focusing on maximum achievable benefits. Sometimes symptom management is all that is needed to change their outlook.

Wellness care planning

Living with hope is the best medicine for all of us. Many times, without assistance in the home, completing daily activities can be exhausting. Chores are more simply completed with the assistance of a caregiver, leaving energy for the client to focus on activities that are fulfilling and meaningful. We will assist our clients with going shopping, social contact, spiritual enrichment, proper diet, physical activity and transporting to doctor appointments or other scheduled treatments. We will do whatever we can, within our clients’ means, to improve their quality of life and give them the motivation to keep them moving. We will support the client in setting personal goals and working toward those goals.

Restorative care planning

Restorative Care Planning focuses on the process that one must go through in order to gain and/or maintain functionality at the highest level possible. After medical intervention, there may be a recovery process to go through in order to live well. Therapies undertaken during this process may require completion of a list of self-directed programs in order to move toward full recovery. We will assist our clients and remind them of any programs that they are following. To the best of their ability, we will get them ambulating, provide support in range of motion exercises, assist with other physical or respiratory therapies and generally help to obtain the best results out of their rehabilitation/recovery program.

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