April’s Employee of the Month!!!

Congratulations Lorna Bromfield for receiving April’s Employee of the Month!!!


Lorna has been with us since October 2014.

She lives in Wilkes Barre, Pa.  Her favorite color is white.   Her favorite Holiday is Christmas, due to the birth of Jesus.

Lorna does a lot of research in her spare time so she can get a vision on life…  Lorna is an easy going person but doesn’t like non-sense!  She is very kind-hearted and very knowledgeable.

Lorna is currently a live-in caregiver.  She has a permanent case and they absolutely love her.  Lorna sees it as a challenge to take on the more difficult cases, and does a great job with all her clients.

We are very blessed to have Lorna as part of the AHQC Family!

Thank you for all your hard work!

What We Love About Our Employee; Lorna Bromfield

Cheryl Podhany (Assistant Administrator):  Lorna can make a case that may seem impossible to others very calm. Lorna has a way like no other that is a perfect balance of calm and assertive. Great job Lorna, very proud of you!!!

 Dana Harris (Live in Coordinator/Caregiver Advocate):  Lorna does such an amazing job with the more difficult cases.  She just has that special something about her.  Very proud of you Lorna, always such a great job!!!

Evelyn McAuliffe (Scheduling Coordinator):  Lorna is very outgoing and does a good job with all her cases and clients!

Christina Gaska (Hr Supervisor):  Lorna does a great job with her clients. We are lucky to have had her on our team for so long!

Beth Buza (RN Caregiver Instructor/Care Coordinator): Lorna does a great job.  She is a great caregiver who truly cares about her clients.