Day by Day, is the ONLY way to go!!!

I know how much each of you sacrifice to become a caregiver, especially a Live In caregiver.  I started a new  blog area to show you how much we appreciate you and have words of encouragement for you.  Happy Reading!!!

Build boundaries. Setting boundaries in your relationships with others will protect you and give you a healthy sense of respect in your relationships. Negotiate clearly what you can and cannot do as a caregiver. Call the office if you are ever unsure.

Don’t feel guilty about protecting your own needs; you can’t take good care of your clients if you don’t first take good care of yourself.  Prepare, pray, get the facts, seek godly counsel, and look for options.

Show concern and respect for your clients in the process. Try to understand your clients concerns, desires, needs, limitations, and fears. Search for creative ideas online, call our office and you can even seek solutions through prayer and by evaluating options objectively and reasonably.  Seek the best interests of your clients and do all you can to build a relationship of mutual respect.  Listen carefully to the thoughts and feelings your clients expresses, ask questions, avoid judgments, and show empathy, and take your clients concerns seriously. Be honest, speaking the truth in loving ways and doing what’s right in every care-giving situation you encounter.

Place your confidence in God. While your work as a caregiver is vitally important, don’t define yourself by the tasks you do or the services you perform. Instead, ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you and understand how your care-giving fits into His overall purpose for your life.

Rely on God’s unlimited strength rather than trying to work out of your own limited power. Place your confidence in the fact that God’s grace and character never change, and He will always be there to give you the help you need while caring for your loved one.  Let your love for God flow into all areas of your life and motivate you to trust Him.

Find strength for the long haul. Learn from the ways Jesus handled His own care-giving responsibilities while on Earth: He frequently spent time alone in prayer. He often prayed with His closest friends. He publicly thanked God the Father for what God had provided. He faced each crisis with calm assurance because He had placed His confidence in God. He delegated work to other people. He grieved the losses of those He loved with a sense of hope, because He had an eternal perspective. Look to Jesus as your ultimate model of a healthy caregiver, and follow His example in your own caregiving work.