Congratulations to Grace Dube, she received November’s Employee of the Month!!!

Grace has been with us since December 2015.  She lives in York Pa. She is widowed for 24 years and has 5 adult children.  Her favorite color is Blue.

Her favorite Holiday is Christmas due to the birthday of Jesus. When she isn’t working she likes to clean her house, do some baking/cooking and then a little shopping too!

Grace is currently a live in caregiver.  When she goes into a home she usually stays in for very long periods of time. Her time off is very limited and she is willing to work through the holidays.  She always has a Beautiful smile on her face, very upbeat and positive. She is so sweet, and very compassionate.  The clients love her and all say she does a very good job, everything is always clean and she is very attentive and ready to help.

We are very blessed to have Grace as part of the AHQC Family!

Thank you for all your hard work!


What We Love About Our Employee of the Month; GRACE DUBE

Marilyn Marjor (Administrator):  .  Hard worker, and very compassionate.

Cheryl Podhany (Assistant Administrator):  She is very sweet, kind and compassionate.

Dana Harris (Live in Coordinator/Caregiver Advocate):  Grace has a beautiful smile that just brightens your day when you look at her.  She is so kind, and caring with each and every client she is with.

Evelyn McAuliffe (Scheduling Coordinator):  She is a great caregiver, very caring, helpful and flexible with her schedule.

Christina Gaska (Hr Supervisor):  Grace is always so pleasant to talk to when she calls the office and always willing to help us out.  She is a great asset to our company!

Kim Rondomanski (Payroll & Billing Supervisor): She is very nice.

Sue Parise(Marketing  & Recruiting Executive):

Beth Buza (RN Caregiver Instructor/Care Coordinator): She is always willing to help and very attentive to the clients, very friendly, never any complaints from the clients/family.  She is always smiling.

Janice(Receptionist): She is very sweet and friendly!

Jessica Zeller (Regional Care Coordinator): I found Grace to be warm, friendly and a wonderful caregiver!