Do You Have a Bag of Burdens?

A caregiver is like the elderly man who was walking along the road, bent over from carrying a heavy backpack.  A tractor pulling a wagon stopped, and the driver offered him a ride.  He joyfully accepted.  But when seated, he kept holding his heavy load.  “Why don’t you lay down your burden?” Asked the driver.  The man replied, “I feel that it is almost to much to ask you to carry me, and I couldn’t think of letting you carry my burdens too.”

For a caregiver, this heavy burden is often guilt.

  • “If only I made her go to the doctor sooner.”
  • “I Promised I would always take care of her at her home.”
  • ” I feel so guilty for raising my voice and upsetting her/him.”
  • “What will happen if I take a short break and she/he has someone new?”

Care-giving is a very intensive and emotional season.  Numerous thoughts and feelings well up and they are not totally controllable, even when we are at our best; much less so under the strain of giving care.  Lamenting over our feelings of guilt does not mean we love anyone less.  It is a human response!

Draw strength from the Psalms.  From deep distress to glorious joy -filled praise, David expressed himself as he called on the Lord.  God accepts us just as He did the psalmists.

Jesus gave His life so we can lay our burdens at the foot of His cross.  His resurrection has set us free from our guilt and proved His passionate love for us because He personally wants to carry each burden we have!  That’s real joy!  (Psalms 118:5)

Freed through His resurrection!

Author ~ Unknown