Equipped for the Challenge

When I first became a caregiver, I pleaded with God that He had the wrong person.  I didn’t know anything about caring for an elderly person, or a disabled person either.  Sticking to a routine was not for me and neither was staying in someone’s home.  I was impatient if I had to sit and wait at appointments because I liked to be in control!  No, God, I am not equipped to be a a patient, calm caregiver.

The reality is that God not only uses flawed vessels, it is His plan and delight to do so.  Abraham was old.  Moses stuttered.  Gideon was afraid.  The disciples fell asleep while praying. Naomi had a bad attitude.  Martha worried!

God asks us to remember whenever we doubt our abilities that He will never ask us to do anything for which He has not first equipped us.  We can trust Him on that!  We can step out, fully confident, knowing that He will make us capable.  He is faithful to His promises!

St Paul tells us that our problems and weaknesses show our need for God.  With no burdens or problems, we would have no need for a Savior.  Through our care-giving challenges we remember the pain and suffering Jesus Christ endured to give us access to the Father and to heaven.  We rely on His grace and mercy to lift us up.  His presence equips us as we walk though our care-giving season.   ( 2 Corinthians 12:9)

God’s grace – always sufficient!

Author ~ Unknown