March’s Employee of the Month is: 

Congratulations Barbara Weidow-Singh for receiving March’s Employee of the Month!!!

Barb has been with us since June 2015.

She lives in Scranton, Pa.  Her favorite color is Red. She does have a dog named Nittany and he is a Dachshund.

Her favorite Holiday is Christmas, due to the decorations, and just the whole spirit of it.  She loves to decorate her entire home.  When Barb is not working she likes to read, shop, bake, and cook, watch T.V., and go on trips.

Barb is currently an hourly in caregiver.  She has a permanent case and they absolutely love her.  She is a very hard worker and very flexible and willing to help out wherever she is needed.  Great Job Barb!

We are very blessed to have Barbara as part of the AHQC Family!

Thank you for all your hard work!


What We Love About Our Employee; Barbara Weidow-Singh

Cheryl Podhany (Assistant Administrator):  She never says NO!

Dana Harris (Live in Coordinator/Caregiver Advocate):  Barb is such a hard and dedicated caregiver.  She always is so willing to do whatever is asked of her. Great job with your clients!

Evelyn McAuliffe (Scheduling Coordinator)Very helpful, knowledgeable, great caregiver, willing to help out  whenever we need her

Christina Gaska (Hr Supervisor):  Barb is always willing to help out and we appreciate that so much!

Janice(Receptionist): Barb is really sweet, always willing to help. It is always a pleasure seeing her.