May’s Employee of the Month!

Congratulations Sue Kniess for receiving May’s Employee of the Month!!!

Sue has been with us since September 2012. She lives in Clarks Summit, Pa. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite Holiday is 4th of July due to getting married on that day.

Sue has 5 kids, two are teenagers. Sue has a son who is a captain in the National Guard. He served for a year in Iraq and a year in Kuwait. Sue’s friends refer to her as a “Hot Mess.” When Sue is not working, she tends to worry about things, travel to Florida, bake, exercise, and spend time with her Husband and family.

Sue currently an hourly caregiver. She has a permanent case and they absolutely love her. Sue helps us out anytime we ask her too! She is so flexible, caring and has a huge heart!

We are very blessed to have Sue as part of the AHQC Family!

Thank you for all your hard work!

What We Love About Our Employee; Sue Kneiss

Dana Harris (Live in Coordinator/Caregiver Advocate): Sue is a great caregiver. She is so willing to help out anyway she can. She is so caring, and kind, no matter what clients she has or goes to they all love her!

Evelyn McAuliffe (Scheduling Coordinator): Sue is willing to help on any shift, goes above & beyond with her client’s sometimes more then she should. lol. All of her client’s love her, she has one who wants to go on vacation with her. She has even helped out with transporting.

Christina Gaska (Hr Supervisor): Sue is such a huge help, whenever we need her to fill in she is there.

Beth Buza (RN Caregiver Instructor/Care Coordinator): Sue is very friendly, she is very flexible and goes above and beyond for her clients.

Ruby Littlejohn(Office Assistant/Receptionist): “Don’t underestimate Sue Kneiss! Under that hard exterior and loyal, hardworking employee, is a selfless family member and friend! She has a big heart and is very thoughtful! She went as far as to have an Easter egg hunt for someone that had never had an egg hunt before! Congratulations Sue! You are a well-deserved Employee of the Month!

Cheryl Podhany (Assistant Administrator): Sue is a team player and always willing to help out anyone!