Shall We Dance?

People don’t always think of dancing as exercise, but in fact it’s a wonderful way to work out and stay healthy at the same time.  AARP calls dancing   “a great mind-body workout,” noting that, not only does exercise enhance the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow,” learning new dance steps “boosts brain power by improving memory skills.”   Learning to dance is a fantastic way to keep one’s memory and cognitive skills active. Focusing on motor behavior and reacting to a dance partner’s moves gets brain cells working and staying fresh. And this leads to more confidence in the ability to learn new things and to “strut your stuff.”

Regular physical activity is key for senior health, but older adults don’t have to spend their days at the gym to get in their daily dose of exercise. Dancing is a great way to not only get your body moving, but also boost heart, mind and joint health, whether you’re moving along with a virtual game or participating in a class at the retirement community.

So why not try dancing with your clients?  Theo tried it with his client Stanley and thought he would share it with us…