A live in caregiver is generally someone who lives and works in a patient’s home to administer necessary care. Usually the caregiver works with elderly individuals or people with special needs.

The duties will vary depending on the patient’s needs. The caregiver may cook meals and make sure that medication is taken. Depending on the patient’s abilities, the caregiver may be required to feed, dress, and bathe the client. The caregiver will also carry out household duties, such as maintaining a clean environment, doing laundry, and washing dishes. Minimum physical requirements may be necessary, as the caregiver will carry out household tasks and may have to help lift the patient. When possible, the live in caregiver will help rehabilitate the patient so that independence can be achieved. Usually, the live in caregiver will receive a salary in addition to free room and board.

A valid driver’s license may be required as the caregiver will often shop for the client and provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, therapy programs, and other places that the patient may need to travel to.